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Commissioning topics

14 SEER Heat Pump System Replacements

We’ve had numerous questions over the last few weeks where a heating contractor is replacing a heat pump system for a homeowner and they want ...
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Choosing the Proper Mitsubishi Electric System

I have received several questions regarding which Mitsubishi system would be appropriate for their application. Since Mitsubishi systems can t in a wide range of ...
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Codes and Changes

You may have noticed a few recent changes when placing orders for HVAC related material with Famous Supply. The Ohio Revised Codes have recently changed ...
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Maintenance topics

Diagnosing a Smart Valve, First Generation

First generation smart valves act as ignition controls and gas valves. There are internal and external safeties that can prevent the valve from working properly ...
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Filter Driers and When to Replace them

When an air conditioner or refrigeration unit is installed a Filter Drier is needed. That Filter Drier stays in the system as long as the ...
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There are many misconceptions when it comes to properly sizing a filter. Many installation and service technicians believe that a filter should be sized based ...
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Service & Diagnosis topics

Air Conditioner Terminology

Hello all! It seems that the air conditioning season is upon us (finally)! As such, I figured this would be a good time to review ...
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Air in Hydronics

When working with a hydronic system the biggest enemy is air. An air bubble can reduce the amount of water in the pipe and therefore ...
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Charging a System with an Indoor TXV

Charging a system with an indoor TXV is different from charging a system with a fixed metering device. TXV’s merely require a full line of ...
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Tool topics

Cold Weather is Coming!

Sorry to break it to you, but cold weather is coming. Before you start throwing tomatoes my way, this is only some advice to help ...
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The Right Tools For The Job

If you have been following along in the previous Tech Tips, we have talked about testing and diagnosing, but what do you need in your ...
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The Right Tools for the Job

Nowadays, newer furnaces require the proper tools for efficient and correct diagnostics. The days of an analog meter and a book of matches are gone ...
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Warranty topics

Drop in Refrigerants

There has been a lot of commotion regarding ‘drop in’ refrigerants and I would like to clear some things up. Because of the rising price ...
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