Ranfurly Homes For Children

Earlier this year, while on a trip to The Bahamas, a focused group of Famous associates and customers visited the Ranfurly Homes for Children. The Ranfurly Home is dedicated to improving the lives of abused, abandoned and neglected children who range in age from 11 to 18. Ranfury has the capacity to accommodate up to 40 children and provide shelter, food, clothing, school supplies and fees, transportation, computer library, and counseling services.

During our trip to tour the facility, we met the Director and learned how our Famous Family could help Ranfurly further their cause to help children in the area. We jointly identified a great need that the girls bathroom required major renovations because many of the fixtures were broken and non-working. This was one of the last spaces that had not yet been addressed in the home.

With the tremendous generosity of our customers and vendors we were able to raise the funds necessary to partner with Ranfurly and have the bathrooms completely remodeled for the benefit of the girls living there.

“Ranfurly is a caring place. It’s a place that makes sure that children are taken care of and teaches them how to deal with life, friends and family.”
— 13 year old, male Ranfurly resident

Thank you all for your generosity to support this great cause and your willingness to help these children!

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