Specifying a Generator for Use

With cold weather upon us now there will be time when customers will lose power to their homes and will try to operate their furnaces with a generator. We receive calls whenever the weather turns bad that the furnace does not operate even when there is 110 volts present and the generator has a sufficient wattage output to operate the load. In some cases the generator may damage the controls on the unit.

The following requirements must be kept in mind when specifying a generator for use with this equipment.

  • The furnace requires 120 volts ± 10%
    (Range: 108 volts to 132 volts).
  • The furnace operates at 60 Hz ± 5%
    (Range: 57 Hz to 63 Hz).
  • The furnace’s integrated control requires both polarity and proper Both polarity and ground should be checked before attempting to operate the furnace on either permanent or temporary power.
  • Generator should have a wave form distortion of less than 5% total harmonic distortion (THD).

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