Jim’s Message:

Your positive thinking, combined with your positive action, results in success.

Having positive actions, and reactions during each day takes effort. It is easier to do it with a group of people that have the same common purpose. It is also contagious, so keep it up!

The thinking part is the key to it all. We can choose our thoughts and let go of the negative ones. Henry Ford was quoted as saying, “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the reason why so few people engage in it.”

A few people that deserve recognition for consistently being “positive” are Joe Arra, Michelle Morgan, Joe Hammer and John Mellor.

Like many others, I will remain a work in progress, but I am POSITIVE that it will end in success, just like it has for many others in our company. I am glad that we have a great group of personnel that think positive and take positive action each day.

Jim Hohman
Outside Sales/Famous Warren

1 thought on “18. Be Positive. | Jim’s Message

  1. Nancy - May 28, 2019

    Love this message ! I try to live on the positive side of life it’s a better way to look at life & live life! It’s tough sometimes when the negative thoughts slip in but you can override them by working on them.

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