Making a Claim

With cooling season in full swing your Central Warranty Team would like to remind you of the proper steps to take when you have warranty needs on equipment.

With any warranty issue your first step is to always contact your local Famous branch and obtain the parts you need to repair the equipment. Once the repair has been made and the part or parts have been returned, your warranty claim will be processed quickly, provided

The correct information is supplied with the returned part(s). Please note that model and serial number, install/ fail dates and homeowner information are always required to submit a warranty claim against equipment.

*In the case of a Friedrich unit failure, you must contact Friedrich directly at 800-541-6645. They will help troubleshoot the unit, send out an authorized repair technician, or authorize unit replacement. Never pull a whole Friedrich unit without prior approval from Friedrich.

*If you experience an Aspen coil failure the gray Mylar serial number label is REQUIRED to be returned per the manufacturer. Without the label, credit will not be issued. There will be no exceptions.

If you require further technical advice please contact the manufacturer directly or either of our wonderful product specialists:

Mark Ham 330-704-7040
Jeff Rosenblum 330-962-2491

Bradford White Warranty Claims

Check model number and serial number.

  • Download Bradford White phone app
  • Call Bradford White 800-531-2111
  • Visit their website (warranty drop down)

Bradford will warranty leakers only. All other problems must be called into the Bradford White tech department at 800-334-3393.

  • Defective parts must be replaced, not the entire tank

ALL first year residential tanks (which include from date to date of install and proof must be provided) MUST be returned to Famous Supply for inspection by Bradford White.

Bradford White will pay labor on the first year leakers only. Contractors must ask for the labor and provide bill at the time of return. Bradford White will pay $125 in labor on each tank.

Residential tanks placed in commercial settings only have a 1 year warranty.

Residential tanks and parts

  • 6 year warranty.
  • Labor only on less than one year old tanks and parts.
  • Per Bradford White, NAECA up-charges will be applied to replacement tanks. As a result, warranty starts over with a new replacement tank.

All commercial tanks must be returned to Famous Supply for inspection by Bradford White.

Commercial Tanks and Parts

  • Tanks-3 year warranty
  • Parts-1 year warranty

NEVER throw the original data plate away. NO PLATE, NO CREDIT.

Customer will receive credit when Famous receives credit from Bradford White.

HVAC Warranty Claims

With smart phones, tablets, and interactive websites, it’s easier than ever to gather and document warranty information. Many manufacturers have tools to check serial numbers, warranty and troubleshooting information, and register equipment right from your phone.

I strongly advise you to clearly document model and serial numbers, homeowner information, and installation dates for any equipment you install. Registering equipment for your customers is also recommended.

Our Central Warranty Team is prepared to go above and beyond to help facilitate your warranty claims but we need your help ensuring we have all information needed to complete your claim. Serial numbers are critical and the most important part of submitting claims. Date codes, detailed descriptions of part failure, and homeowner information are also necessary. Warranty forms that details the information needed to submit your claim are available at all Famous counters. For an electronic form, please email

Submitting your warranty claim in a timely manner is very important. Most manufacturers have specific guidelines and timetables for the claim to be submitted.

For example:

  • Mitsubishi requires all claims to be submitted within 45 days of service date.
  • Armstrong/Concord requires submittal within 60 days of failure date.
  • Luxaire/Guardian’s requirement to receive 100% credit is within 90 days of fail 
date. After 90 days a percentage of credit is deducted up to 359 days. After 359 days of failure no credit will be issued. 
Please help us take care of your claims quickly and efficiently by submitting complete and accurate information so that we can get you your money faster.
If you require technical advice, please contact the manufacturer directly or call our Tech Support Team:

Mark Ham 330-704-7040
Jeff Rosenblum 330-962-2491

Milwaukee Tool Repair

Did you know you can eliminate the middleman and time wasted to get your Milwaukee tool repaired with free shipment and delivery to your doorstep?

eService is your 24/7 solution for quick, convenient repairs and is best for individual or smaller tool quantities. Your warranty and non-warranty repairs can be done in a week or less. All you have to do is le the claim on, under service; scroll to eService and le your claim. A FedEx shipping label will be provided to return the tool for free. Package your material and drop it o at one
of 8,000 authorized FedEx shipping centers nationwide. The Milwaukee Factory Trained Technicians will repair your tool with genuine Milwaukee parts and return it directly to you!

The date code of the tool will be used to determine if the product is within the warranty period. A copy of the invoice or bill of sale will be required for warranty verification if the date code exceeds the warranty period. Warranty registration is not necessary to obtain the applicable warranty of the Milwaukee Tool product.

Warranty covers the cost of free repairs or replacements and the coverage of products defective in material or workmanship.

Non-warranty covers the cost of repair quote. Products exceeding the warranty period and products within the warranty period, but defective due to normal wear/ tear and abuse can be repaired at your cost. Milwaukee Tool will inform you with their findings and requires your approval before proceeding with repair.

eService is quick, easy, and at your fingertips for all of you Milwaukee Tool repairs.

If you require technical advice, please contact the manufacturer directly or call Famous’ Tech Support Team:

Mark Ham 330-704-7040
Jeff Rosenblum 330-962-2491

Stream33 & Bright33

Stream33 is a new and exciting line of products that Famous Supply is now offering its customers. From faucets, toilets, toilet seats, expansion tanks, and water pans, we also offer garbage disposals and sump pumps. Our Stream33 website will guide you to all the products now available with more to come in the future. Visit the site often to see new products in stock like tubs and showers coming soon to the growing list. The site has installation guides, spec sheets, and warranty information at your fingertips.

If you have any questions regarding Stream33 warranties ONLY, please call 844-481-5004.

Bright33 is also available to our Famous customers. LED Lighting can save you and your customer up to 80% in energy and last up to 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs. They have a long life, are economical, efficient, and environmentally recyclable.

We offer a wide variety of light bulbs and lighting fixtures. Please visit to view all items available. Spec sheets and warranty information are also available on the website.

All Stream33 and Bright33 products may be ordered with any sales associate or on the eFamous app today!

See us at the Expos!

In this edition of Supply Chain we are going to change up your Warranty Tip a little. Instead of providing you with tips and tricks we would like you to bring your tips to us! Come meet your Central Warranty Team at the Northwest Ohio and Western Pennsylvania Expo Showcases. Bring us your warranty concerns, problems, and even your triumphs!

Janet Berta will be available for a meet-and-greet at the Northwest Ohio Expo at Kalahari Resorts on March 29, 2017. Janet specializes in Bradford White, plumbing products, and our new private label offerings.

Jennica Messmore will be attending the Western Pennsylvania Expo at the Hilton Garden Inn on April 25, 2017. Jennica specializes in Luxaire/ Guardian, Armstrong/Concord, and most HVAC products.

We would like to assist you in any and all of your warranty needs. While both of us specialize in certain areas we are always willing and able to help with any product that Famous Supply o ers. Please come see us and let us know how we can help!

If you require technical advice, please contact the manufacturer directly or call Famous’ Tech Support Team:

Mark Ham 330-704-7040
Jeff Rosenblum 330-962-2491

Spring Home Protection

As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” Consequently, those showers also bring home flooding. Be sure to check out Famous Supply’s stock of sump pumps this season to help prevent major flooding and costly damage to homes.

Warranty periods for the units in the field including Stream33, Zoeller, Liberty, Myers and Little Giant vary with each manufacturer. All defective units need to be returned to Famous. From that point, Famous’ Central Warranty Team will look at the data code/ serial number, date of purchase, and reason of defect to determine if the unit is still under warranty and will be happy to le the warranty for your credit. Please be aware that each manufacturer has different requirements and most have a limited time frame for the warranty.

Famous also carries Honeywell Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detectors that can offer your customers peace of mind through alerts about water leaks, temperature that could freeze your pipes, and humidity that could damage valuables before they become costly problems. Ask your sales rep about this invaluable detector.

Famous Supply’s Central Warranty Team is here to le all your warranty claims and follows up with your credit for those warranties.

If you require technical advice, please contact the manufacturer directly or call Famous’ Tech Support Team:

Mark Ham 330-704-7040
Jeff Rosenblum 330-962-2491

Vendor Warranties

It’s that time of year again! Evaporator coils are working overtime to cool our homes to make us less grumpy and more comfortable in the heat and humidity. If a warranty issue occurs with an evaporator coil, follow our tips below to make your claim go more smoothly. Each vendor requires different and specific information when ling claims.

Armstrong Air/Concord: Famous requires the coil be returned. A clear picture of the serial number label must be submitted with the warranty claim. The coil carries a 5-year warranty unless registered within 60 days of installation. At that time, it will have a 10-year warranty. Armstrong will pay a at rate labor if the coil fails within 90 days of install, whereas Concord will within 30 days. Both must be submitted for warranty within 60 days of failure to be issued credit or will be denied by Allied Air.

Aspen: Famous requires the coil be returned. The original silver mylar serial number label must be returned to Aspen by the Famous Warranty department within 60 days of claim submittal to receive credit. Photo copies are not acceptable. The unit must be properly registered with Aspen within 60 days of installation to qualify for the 10-year warranty, not to exceed 11 years from the date of manufacture. If those conditions are not met, then the coil is warranted for a period of 5 years from the date of installation, not to exceed 6 years from the date of manufacture. If a claim is made during the 6th or 11th year, documentation of the installation date must accompany the claim. Aspen does not pay labor.

Luxaire: A service part must be used if the coil fails within 30 days of installation to qualify for labor. Complete finished goods evaporator coil change-outs do not qualify for labor.

On an older Legacy coil that does not have a finished goods coil available, you will need to order and warranty the service part against the unit. The current coils will have the service part and the finished goods coil available to be used as repair/replacement options. If you have questions regarding this policy please contact Jennica Messmore from the Central Warranty Team at 330.434.5194.

If you require technical advice, please contact the manufacturer directly or call Famous’ Tech Support Team:

Mark Ham 330-704-7040
Jeff Rosenblum 330-962-2491

Preparing for Cold Weather 
All Year Long

When installing Legend Valve Frost-Free Sillcocks, we hope to instruct you on how to prevent the valve from freezing. Make sure you select the correct length for the application. The length must have at least 2” of the inlet in a heated space for the valve to resist freezing. Sealing all air gaps between the back of the mounting flange, the exterior wall and drilled holes is essential. Seasonally heated or non-heated installation requires an accessible stop-and-waste valve to allow winterization. When installing, make sure there is a five-degree angle drilled. The mounting flange must be flush against the exterior wall.

The T-550’s frost-free feature works by shutting o the water in the building and draining the water downstream of the shutoff. All water lines must be drained.

All defective valves are returned to Legend Valve for testing. If it is found that freezing was the cause, credit will be denied.

Informing your customers of these instructions will help them when the cold weather hits. Instructions are in the box to give to the end user.

If you require technical advice, please contact the manufacturer directly or call Famous’ Tech Support Team:

Mark Ham 330-704-7040
Jeff Rosenblum 330-962-2491

Reznor Warranties

The leaves are falling, days are turning crisp and the hoodies have come out of the closet. That can only mean one thing: Autumn has returned, along with heating season. In this Warranty Tip we will be catching up with Reznor.

Reznor UDAP/UDAS models are backed with a no questions asked, 10-year heat exchanger and 5-year parts warranty. The warranty is non-prorated, which means if your heat exchanger fails in the 11th month of the 9th year it is fully covered. There is no need to register your equipment either. Reznor warranty periods are based on the serial number and manufacture date, not the installation date.

For example: a UDAP unit that was manufactured in October 2009 has a heat exchanger warranty until October 2019. Parts other than the heat exchanger are warrantied until October 2014. If the heat exchanger fails in the 5th year of the warranty period and is replaced, the unit has five years left on the warranty; it does not start over.

Commercial and built to order equipment come with a full 1-year parts and heat exchanger warranty. Please be advised that Reznor does not cover charges for labor or other costs incurred in the troubleshooting, repair, removal, installation, service or handling of parts or complete products.

All warranty claims must be made within 90 days from the discovery of the defect. Complete model and serial number must be furnished along with the part and detailed description of failure for your claim to be processed quickly and accurately.

Should you need tech advice on your Reznor unit in Ohio, you may contact Rick Kapeluch at 216-904-2826.

If you require technical advice, please contact the manufacturer directly or call Famous’ Tech Support Team:

Mark Ham 330-704-7040
Jeff Rosenblum 330-962-2491

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