4. Deliver Memorable Service The FAMOUS Way. | Ryan’s Message

Ryan’s Message:

“Order up!”

How many of us remember the good old days, where we’d go as a family to the local diner and watch the cook lovingly tend his grill as they prepared our meals? As children we’d watch anxiously as they’d slather the grill top in butter, add a liberal helping of salt and a pinch of care to our breakfasts. It’s a memory remembered with fondness because you knew that the cook’s attention to detail, and that extra helping of love and care for their craft made your two dippy eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast absolutely delectable!

Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said; people will forget what you did; but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I don’t think truer words have ever been said. Customer service is more than just attending to the customer’s needs. It’s about knowing what the customer wants and needs and meeting them in any way possible to exceed their expectations.

When our customers call, they’re waiting for us to help them get what they need. The way we answer the phone sets the tone for our customers’ experience with us. Some of the best advice I’ve ever received was to smile each time you pick up and start your greeting. Someone who truly exhibits and practices this is Jenny Bryant at the Melwood branch! Jenny receives everyone, whether over the phone or in person, in a way that makes them immediately smile, or gives them a good hearty chuckle!

Experiences like these are what makes good customer service critical to the development of our brand. As Sam Walton said, “There is only one boss. The customer. And they can fire everyone in the company, from the chairman on down, simply by spending their money somewhere else”.

Making our customers feel welcome to our service, expert advice, and Famous Family feeling allows them to set aside whatever troubles they may be experiencing for just a brief moment. This has the effect of making them feel part of our extended family! Much like the cook, standing over his grill and fixing our delicious meal, we all have the opportunity to affect, in even the smallest way, how our customers feel our “Famous” customer service, and keep them coming back for seconds, thirds and more!


Ryan McGee
Inside Sales, Melwood

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4. Deliver Memorable Service The Famous Way. | John’s Message

John’s Message:

I am relatively new to the Famous Family. Compared to those with tenures of 25, 30 and 40+ years, I am just a whippersnapper at almost 7 years. However, I have been associated with Famous for much longer since I was a buyer for a Famous customer for 20 years. I have watched the development of the systems leading to where we are now. It is said you can be led by change or lead change. I have witnessed Famous go from handwritten tickets and weeks to receive materials, to eFamous online ordering and next day delivery, and it is apparent that Famous is leading change. Marc Blaushild and the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) are thinking ahead and planning for the future to make sure Famous will always be there delivering memorable service.

There is a quote from a Denzel Washington movie, Remember the Titans, which seems appropriate: “Attitude reflects leadership.” On our monthly conference calls, Marc shares stories of customers praising their delivery driver, or warehouse associate, or the sales person who went above and beyond for them. It’s all about the customer experience.

In the year we have been open in Youngstown, I have watched relationships build between associates and our customers. We have many new customers who had not known about or dealt with Famous before we opened. I was listening to John Balla take an order over the phone the other day. He confirmed all the items the customer had ordered. After John entered the order in the system, he took the time to call the customer back asking them about the ¾” pipe they ordered. They had not ordered any ¾” fittings and he wanted to check in case he had missed them or they had forgot to order them. This is just one example of the memorable service our associates provide every day. From a hearty good morning to helping customers load their trucks, we go above and beyond to keep our customers for life.

I am blessed to be a member of the Famous Family and to work with great associates in Warren and Youngstown on a daily basis.

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4. Deliver Memorable Service The Famous Way. | Brad’s message

Brad’s message:

All of us have received memorable service sometime in our life. When I think about times I received memorable service, I also reflect back to think about the customer service that I have delivered. I often find myself looking back and wondering, “Did I provide the type of service that I want to be remembered by?” If I remembered the way someone went out of their way to make sure I had an experience so memorable that I want to come back, then what could I do to provide an experience to my customer so memorable that they want to come back to do business with me?

I remember a time when I was given the name of a customer that didn’t have a positive experience with his first dealings with Famous. I spoke to a couple of sales associates on my team to share the opportunity with them.  We made extra effort to reach out and make sure his next couple of experiences were positive and memorable.  Not only did I personally reach out to offer our help & services to him but I asked some of the sales team to do the same… his response?  He was amazed and said that he’s never had so many people from one company reach out to him and want to help. He also commented that he wants to do business with someone that cares so much that they’d go out of their way to make a positive impression and do things right.  I took the opportunity to talk to him about our 40 Fundamentals and he was further impressed.

At the end of the day, take a few minutes to reflect and ask yourself, “Did I do anything different to deliver memorable service to my customers I dealt with today?”

Several long term associates that practice this fundamental regularly and as far back as I can remember are Tyler Meyers, Randy Shaffer & Eric St. Clair. An associate that comes to mind that has provided memorable internal customer service is Bruce Raff.

Customers only remember the most memorable experiences and the last transaction so we need to work hard to make each and every experience memorable for our customers. It could be as simple as doing something the competition don’t or going above and beyond. The Famous Way is a group of “Best Practices” & “Above & Beyonds” that if put into practice will help us deliver a memorable customer service experience to all our customers.


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4. Deliver Memorable Service The FAMOUS Way. | John’s Message

John’s Message:

With this week’s fundamental, I really think about how important it is for each associate in every role to live the Famous way when it comes to delivering memorable service!

I think it’s also important for all of us to know how and why we came up with “The Famous Way”.

I believe it was about 6 to 7 years ago when a team representing every role within our company (about 15 of us) spent two days coming up with a minimum standard of service that we would provide to our customers. At that time, we used the term “Without Fail”.

Personally I was proud of the team and what we accomplished during our collaboration. We spent that quality time to come up with the standards that would set us apart from our competition.

I recently visited our Toledo branch for an open house for their expanded and remodeled counter. I was blown away by their customer service and how each associate interacted with their customers. They were fanatics about response time. They hustled, smiled, helped carry products out to our customers’ trucks and thanked them with genuine appreciation. I felt so good about our Toledo team and left there knowing that they truly understood what great customer service looked and felt like … “The Famous Way”. Our attitude and daily actions that each of us attaches to our profession affects our customers’ loyalty to Famous. Every customer has a choice on where they purchase their supplies. Our goal is to provide the service that is memorable enough for them to honor us with their business.

I did have only one thing that I could think of changing while visiting Toledo and that was the big “Blue” clock displayed in our remodeled counter. I’m not a decorator, but I would have considered going with “Scarlett and Gray”. LOL

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4. Deliver Memorable Service The Famous Way | Marc’s message

Marc’s message:

I read a quote recently that said Š “Those who are happiest do the most for others”.  To take it a step further, shouldn’t we find our happiness in the success of others?  Great teams / companies win because their associates are willing to sacrifice to make others happy.  They set aside personal goals and value team success over everything else. I firmly believe that¹s true at Famous.  We have countless associates that live and breathe this way of life.  It’s in the fabric of who we are as individuals and the type of people that are attracted to our organization.  When we exemplify this attitude of giving with our customers, they notice it, and they feel it.  When we consistently focus on what we can give, rather than what we can receive, and our competitors don’t, it provides Famous a unique opportunity to create an even bigger gap in the way customers think about us as their #1 preferred supplier.

However, we cannot just talk about providing memorable service the Famous way.  We have to do it.  That means being on top of every detail that is critical to the customer experience.  Think about a customer coming into our express will call to pick up their order(s).  When we see them arriving, greeting them by name, with a smile and enthusiasm sets the right / perfect tone.  When their product is in the right shelf location with proper shipping label data (company name, account, PO#, etc.), those accurate details allows both parties the  speed / productivity and the experience they want, need, and demand from their suppliers.  And time permitted (assuming other customers aren¹t waiting at will call or our counter) helping them to their vehicle with their order and providing an authentic and sincere thank you further solidifies delivering memorable service the Famous Way.  So let’s not skip over what we may think are minor points.  Conversely, let’s pay even closer attention to our customers as opportunities to give more of our focus and attention that differentiate us from a lesser experience they may get elsewhere.

Always remember that the lowest performance or experience we tolerate is our performance and / or customer experience standard.  Therefore, we must continually raise the bar and our standards so that customers will not only tell others about us, but so that they become our best, greatest and loyal fans of Famous.  As you do more for others, the happier you and our customers will be.  And you both deserve to be happy.

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