Advancing Education

I attended a monthly Dealer Association meeting and during the meeting it was announced that 2-3 members were going to retire from the business. I am sure it has occurred to us all that there may not be 2-3 new qualified personnel ready to replace the hole left behind in the HVAC fabric, and it is happening all over the country the same way. How big will this hole be in 5, 10, or 20 years?

We need to instill in the youth of today, and our associates just starting out, that success may not be quick, but that our industry is a good one to work in. That they can provide a good living for themselves and others.

When I was watching the Summer Olympics, I was reminded that there are hundreds of athletes that have competed in 5 or more Olympic trials, over a period of 20 years. They were shown early in their careers that the “long view”, not the “short view” would give them the best chance at success, along with constant training. They strive to achieve better results daily for many years.

We need to make sure we are offering our advice to both the young and new employees working for us on good practices, and to influence them to take classes and build their knowledge of constantly changing products and techniques, and that training will go on until they themselves decide to retire.

If you can show them the benefits, allow them to share in your success, and teach them the proper way to be pro table for your business, this group may end up buying your business when you want to retire instead of just filling in the “hole” in the fabric that you leave behind.

Famous University provides educational programs to professional contractors and their employees in the HVAC, Plumbing, Industrial/PVF industries, to better serve you and to help raise the standards in the fields we serve. Course schedules are located online at, and in each issue of Supply Chain.

Jim Hohman
Famous Supply Sales

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